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Boozahol, sweet boozahol

Holy crap...alcohol is a slippery slope. I have recently started imbibing again in a more serious way. Previously it was like a sip or two here or there, or I think, half a mimosa on Christmas...that kinda thing. But I opened a bottle of wine the other night and oh man do I want to drink the whole thing. It's soooo good. After not drinking for so long, it's weird to want to drink an entire bottle. In the past I probably would have just drank the whole bottle and not thought much about it, but now I feel guilty or bad yet really want to drink more. Shhh...I had two glasses tonight. And a glass of coke with spiced rum the other night and the same the day before...that's like five days in a row of drinking for me after a few sips every month or so. Falling off the wagon, apparently. Slippery freakin slope. =) I guess the actual gist of this is that 1- I feel good and better about living into the future (maybe). And 2- I still like wine...and spiced rum...and whiskey. Strange, right?

Also, Eric and I have started running again with the hope of doing a 5k in October, but then I started finding races that look awesome, and we have weddings to go to on every date of a fun-looking 5k. What's up with that? Maybe we'll run something in September instead? Side note- veganism and running appear to go hand in hand. This is the furthest along I've ever started a couch to 5k program, and it's not easy, but it's not killing me, and I'm plenty energized. Toot toot vegan horn. Other side note (ha, this is my first entry on wine in FOREVER), in breaking with veganism, I had Dairy Store ice cream today...leftovers from the girls that were melting and taunting me. Newsflash--though I love cashewmilk ice cream, this dairy stuff was pretty fantastic as well. =)

And in still other news, I did something new last night and watched the democratic convention thingy while I worked in lieu of watching reality trash tv...and I actually even paid attention mostly. I wasn't super impressed. I wanted to be convinced that voting for HC is the way to go, but I didn't feel like any of the speeches were particularly endorsing of her. I almost want to watch more tonight, but mostly I want to sleep. Sleep wins every time over politics. For sure.
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