Ange (saucy7681) wrote,

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk

That lyric pops into my mind a lot lately but mostly jokingly, because I have literal junk in my trunk most days. Oh so many trips could be had to Goodwill. Right now my trunk is full of old books to donate to the library if I ever get out that way and feel inclined to lug the books inside. I'm equally likely to have a garage sale and then end up donating them to Goodwill. Time will tell.

I was going to bed at 10 tonight. It's closing in on 10:30; Eric is still grading, so no point in going to bed yet. Just hoping Maeve doesn't wake up at 1 tonight/tomorrow morning like she did last night/this morning. I would love to spend the entire night in my own bed without a child in my lap. That would be bliss. That and getting my hair cut. I REALLY need a haircut. So much hair. It's going to end up being an annual thing: getting my hair cut.

Chloe's last week of preschool is this coming week. Kind of excited for that and kind of freaked out about not having somewhere she spends her afternoons more often than not. Especially since Eric is changing professions and won't have the summer off to help with the kidlets.

My former roommate Grace posted this crazy video of herself talking about knowing how she has 3 kids and how she "loves every second of it" (which she repeats several times throughout the rant) and here's my confession: I don't "love every second of the crazy." I miss freedom. I love my kids. I just miss the freedom not having them to take care of gave me. But I don't really like relinquishing their care to just anyone, so...alas, I love them more than my freedom. But I don't love every second. For reals. (Stubbs, since you are the only one likely to read this, you need to look up Grace and watch her video just so you can know what I'm referring to and also to tell me what you think of her Southern accent because Jess says it's totally normal to pick up an accent after living in the deep South for years and especially when you're super empathetic). So yeah, kids equals no freedom and lots of tired and nothing getting done to my liking. End of that story.

Sleep equals coming soon; Eric Jon is ready for bed.
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