Ange (saucy7681) wrote,

You can tell me when it's over if the high was worth the pain

Ugh. I am so tired of cleaning the house (and it's not even remotely clean, so that's super sad). This is my day so far. A day in the life of a mother of a 16 month and 3.5 year old.

Go to bed at 10:30 (?) because my shift was miraculously cancelled last night. Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night twice. Both times I go in to find her needing first her stuffed frog (he'd fallen out of bed) and second blankets which had fallen to the end of the bed. She is so lazy in her sleep. =) Then Maeve was up just before 6. Maeve and I curl up in the cinnamon chair (color not scent) to watch Dora aka I pseudo-nap while she drops Cheerios all over my lap with Dora on in the background for an hour. Chloe gets up around 7/'s all a blur, so she got up at some point. More Dora, more cereal, made oatmeal for Maeve which is all up in her hair and on the floor, made toast for myself that both girls ate, made coffee for myself and it got cold before I got to it, etc. Breakfast finishes with Maeve's second poop of the day. It's 9 am. Move to the living room. Chloe wants to play Spot It! so we fling cards all over the floor while Maeve runs amuck. And by amuck, I should probably note that Maeve has somehow acquired one of the Wiimote numchuck things and has the cord wrapped around her neck off and on as she runs from room to room dispersing all my kitchen utensils and toys with small parts. We have naked barbies everywhere or so it seems. We literally only have maybe 4 barbies or Barbie-ish dolls, and they are all naked with limbs askew. Bizarre. Try to get Maeve to nap at 10 because she keeps coming up to me to cuddle/scream bloody murder/cuddle. Almost have her down and Chloe comes running upstairs to see what book we're reading. It's loud and Maeve is now crying. Leave Maeve, take Chloe to her room to pick out some clothes, come downstairs and start to take care of dishes. Maeve is still crying. Check the laundry. Still crying. Get Chloe something else to eat (my kids are bottomless pits). Still crying. Give up. Go upstairs with Chloe to retrieve Maeve/get dressed myself. I'm brushing my teeth and Chloe is jumping in the crib with Maeve. Finally retrieve Maeve. She has more poop. No wonder she was crying. That's poop 3 and it's not even 11 am. Sort through some clothing in Maeve's room while Chloe bounces in the crib and Maeve tries to climb her walls. Come downstairs and get lunch ready. Crackhead soup for the kids, a veggie burger for me, a smoothie for Maeve (and Chloe if she'd ever drink a whole one). Chlo wants my veggie burger, insists she must have it. I make myself another one. Chloe no longer wants my veggie burger or her noodles or the smoothie. She's under the table...again. Maeve is happy as a clam with her two glasses of smoothie (hello future poops) and bundle of noodles. Somewhere along the line she also amassed a giant pile of stickers stuck to the bottom of her shirt. Start getting Chlo ready for school. She gets blood on the sleeve of the shirt I just washed yesterday so she could wear it today because her nose starts bleeding while I'm running around upstairs looking for sticker earrings because she lost one of the two I was putting on her as I was doing her hair. Apparently she scratched her nose and gouged it open. She's devastated about the shirt, says she's having a "sad day" through tears. We're late for school. Get Maeve back in the car in the rain and drive to Kroger for groceries. She falls asleep on the way there. Fricken-A. I need her to sleep so home we go. Successfully get her into bed, start some lentils for dinner (who uses canned lentils in recipes?) and call about the chips in my windshield and start some laundry and get the dishes all out of the sink (mostly). I deserve more coffee, so I grind some beans. FUCK! Maeve is awake. It's 2 pm, and that's my day thus far.
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Thanks for confirming my choice to not have children!

It would take too long to explain about my crummy day at work, but at least I can say there was no poop involved!
Also I'm only supposed to talk about work vaguely, cause confidentiality agreement. I find that very difficult.