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Happy Mother's Day

So it was Mother's Day today, which has in recent years become my favorite holiday next to Christmas and my birthday. I love that it comes before Father's Day so I can gauge how nice I need to be for Eric. This year, I don't have to do much. I slept in yesterday until my phone rang around 9 and then again today til a little after 8. Amazing how the definition of "sleeping in" changes as we get older. That was the extent of my mother's day treats, though I guess you could also throw in the fact that he let me watch trashy tv and do nothing for a few hours after I got up. He even did the dishes a bit and vacuumed under the dining room table. Woot.

We went to Meridian Mall for the afternoon to let the kids enjoy the play area with Eric while I shopped for some much-needed new clothes. But I hate shopping. It was one of those days. And the play area was packed. Eric saw Izzo there, so that was fun for him. Chloe and Maeve enjoyed sharing a lemonade from Auntie Anne's and riding on a carousel. But mostly we just chased kids and bought nothing. I really need to have a successful shopping outing one of these days, because my clothes are all so old. I could also really use a haircut; I think it's been over a year. From the mall, we headed to Whole Foods because I was excited to see what the new store had to offer particularly in terms of vegan goods, but all we bought was a tiny pack of frozen veggie burgers. I almost bought some cheese from the dairy alternative section, but it was a fakeout and contained casein, which is kind of a huge point of being vegan, so glad to have read the label. Then discovered my parents were at our house, so we hurried home. No side trip to Starbucks for this mama. But they did bring me some uber-delicious smelling coffee beans, so win there.

Overall, just kind of a letdown of a day. I don't know what I really expected other than maybe a little forethought from Eric on the gifting. I made and bought cards and gifts for both of our moms with the kids. He purchased cards while out with Chloe today and didn't ever even address them. Sometimes it feels like there is a lot of people putting out there on facebook how awesome all their stuff is, how much their husbands and kids treated them today, etc., and it makes me grumpy. Ultimately it wasn't a bad day, but it didn't really feel special, and I was kind of hoping for that. Then again, the sleep was super nice.

And now I have one hour left in my shift and I shall return to sleep.
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Josh bought his mom gifts for Mothers Day and her birthday (on Friday). They were purchased in plenty of time to ship to her, but they are still sitting in the front entryway. I starting typing this thinking it would help me vent, but I just got way more pissed and started screaming at him. And then still had to yell at him some more and go find a box for him.
And another thing... I get mad at him about how he doesn't get anything done and I say something like, it's because all you do is sit and stare at your phone/computer for hours and hours. I then get even more pissed because he acts like that isn't true. WTF?!?! We can both see what you're doing, just agree that you in fact waste a ton of time online and it would be better if you didn't.
I'm just going to reply to both of those in one. It's like my life and yours are parallel universes. I can TOTALLY relate. Eric gets all irritated when I suggest that he plays his game on his iPad/phone too much. He's always like, "I only play for maybe 5 minutes all day" yet every time I ask him to put his phone down and talk to me, he says he just needs a few more minutes for a stupid attack. Stupid technology and husbands that don't know how to multitask.