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A new month, almost a new decade...time to get back in the swing of this thing

So I turn 30 in a few days...ay!  I'm not really that bummed about being 30 so much as that it's a new decade and it came up quicker than I expected in that I've been looking forward to summer for what seems like forever and here it is already almost half over and I don't feel like it's really been summerlike yet.  If that makes any sense at all...

I'm supposed to be cleaning right now or working on the house in some way, shape, or form.  I should've been writing all these months that we've been working on this place, because it's been one giant, interesting adventure and now we're well into it...shall I venture to call it being on the downswing?  Probably not there yet.  Almost done installing laminate, ready to order up carpet, living here finally, hosting dinner parties already, and doing a load of laundry right now.  Progress.  Waiting for E's mamacita to call me up so we can go get pedicures in honor of my upcoming 30th.  So much to do...and soooo lazy.  Our 20 yard dumpster was picked up today, so our driveway is back in fully parkable order, and now our garage is pretty clear inside, so maybe someday soon we can park in it?  Wow, this is a super random post.  Stream of consciousness.  I always wondered if my journal entries got more boring and more poorly written once I left college and no longer was required to think on a regular basis.  And that probably is true.

I started looking at my journal this morning after a conversation with V yesterday afternoon about birthdays in which she asked me if birthdays were always a big deal in my family...if that's why I'm so into them.  It never dawned on me that anyone wouldn't value birthdays the way I do.  So that got me thinking about my past birthdays and I could only remember the last few, and then I thought maybe back when I wrote in this mofo I had actually written on my birthday, and lo and behold, I pretty much had.  There was a lot of beach and a lot of drinking involved.  My favorite entry was probably the 2001 entry in which I was in the UP with Doyle and had just discovered that the yooper accent was not a myth, and I spent a portion of the babbling self-centered entry writing about 1- how awesome I am and 2- how little there was to do in the UP and why would anyone CHOOSE to live there.  Good stuff.  I also was taking a math class at the time and feeling really stupid, because it was all jocks and I had failed the entry test, so...things I had forgotten about.  Mental block and whatnot.  =)  There was also a really nasty post on one birthday in a drunken state in which I bashed a few people pretty intensely and I really should block or delete that post, but it's there all the same.  So yeah, drunkenness and the beach...and occasionally porn...that's the theme of my birthdays in the past decade.

Aw, I'm listening to cds from my collection today as I "work," trying to figure out which ones can really just be trashed, donated, etc. and I'm listening to Old 97s and thinking that yes, this one can most certainly be gotten rid or, but then this song comes on.  Songs and memories...ah.  The Question...brings back the good ol, much-written-about (to the point that in reading/reminiscing I question my sanity) Gato days.  I fell in love with that song when he and Phil played it one night back in the day...must have been...2003?  The rest of this cd, though, really sucks.  I think I need to add "The Question" to my iPod and then rid myself of the cd.

Well, this has been a rather unfocused first post, but it's a start.  Off to try to finish up cleaning our master bedroom and packing to head to Hopkins for a bit.
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