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I'm bringing "Let's talk about SEX baby" back

It's that time of year again now where I am working every night and am bored with the work and so also read my old livejournal entries and marvel at how immature or stupid or silly or I was. This means that 1-I now want to write more, so journal entries will see a short-lived uptick and 2-I'm all nostalgic. I miss the good ol days of AIM and waiting for someone to be online to talk to. Now everyone is always on facebook (or maybe that's just me) and pretty easily accessible. No intrigue anymore. Adulthood is a lot less fun than life in my 20s, apparently. Totally not surprising. And not sexy.

It's fun to read about back in the day when I was mostly concerned with what color my hair should be, taking baths, running, trying to drop the word "sex" casually as if I was some sexaholic (and pretty much always failing in doing so because I never really was), listening to music, shopping, and obsessing over some male or another (for that, I would happily go back in time to slap myself). In the words of one of the girls' tv program's songs, "That was fun, but now it's done." In short, I'm glad I lived those days, but I'm also glad to have found myself on the other side of that time. I miss the utter freedom of pre-children and pre-fullout-responsibility youth, but I would never wish to relive it. But maybe in revisiting my past I can become smarter and better equipped for teaching my two daughters to not be the silly skankslutwhore I aspired to be back in the day.

Anyway, that's why I'm writing. What I have to say, though...not much. I'm grading papers 8 hours a day all weekend and then 4 hours a night for the next two weeks. And it's also crunch time for the annual conference that I work the registration end of, so kind of my busy time of year. My parents are moving out next weekend, so that's new and exciting...for them. It will be weird and nice to have the house back to just us, but also more work on the parenting front. Pros and cons.

We took the girls to Home Depot this morning for a DIY workshop. Chloe and I made a valentine's photo box, and Maeve started one with Eric. Ha, maybe I need to give us all cool nicknames like everyone had at times in my journal back in the day. Chloe will be...Lolo obviously. Maeve will, nicknames are so me a zillion years ago. We will be who we be. Anyway, impressed by Home Depot's organizing of these workshops. The turnout has gone WAY up since we started attending to the point that I had to sit on the ground to work with Lolo.

I just realized that it's been 10 years since I left Leesburg. Pretty much 10 years since I was a teacher. There was this video clip of the local high school teachers doing a dance routine to a variety of songs dating back to the 90s, and it made me nostalgic for those days of the past when I was a professional, but kind of an immature, undeveloped professional. I would have loved participating in the dance routine and would probably be out there even now as a more mature individual if I were still teaching. Looking back, I wonder if maybe I should have stuck it out in da Burg. I spent a lot of time complaining about being there, but by the third year, I had gotten things down more or less. It would have made a lot of sense to continue on and get my masters and more years under my belt and whatnot. Ultimately, it's probably great that I didn't stay, because I would not have the life I have now, but looking back, I was probably really foolish to move on when I did. I had a good thing going with summers off in Michigan and the rest of the year living the life in the land of sunshine and palm trees and making the money. On the other hand, hindsight is 20/20 or whatever the saying is, and how was I to know then that I would never again find a for-real teaching job? I left feeling like I was seasoned only to find out that no school in Michigan was interested in my flava. Ha! Anyway, most often I think it good that I am no longer in the teaching field and I typically have no desire to ever return to it, but reading back, I kind of wish I'd never left. Nostalgia, man, nostalgia.
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