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Before Midnight (and my birthday celebration)

So I finally (I've been wanting to see it since I read it was coming out) watched Before Midnight, the third installment of the movies with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke and lots of talking that I started watching when I was teaching in Florida. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but I would say that the trilogy of films is in my top 10 movies ever viewed, though I don't actually have a list like that in mind, so maybe if I actually thought about it I'd have 10 other films I enjoyed more. Who knows? What I do know is that I liked it. Eric didn't like me watching it so much, because this one was different than the others. What was the same was the banter and free flow of conversation that drove the film. What was different (at least from my vague memory of the first films) was the inclusion of additional characters and the fact that the two main characters were not entirely happy and in love anymore; there was arguing and name calling. Eric joked that maybe I shouldn't be watching it, because I keep teasing him about our upcoming seventh anniversary and the "7-year itch" and to top things off I've been devouring books by Elin Hilderbrand, which all seem to center on marital affairs. But, spoiler alert, the characters in the movie essentially work things out (for the time being) in the film, so it was all good...though as with at least one of the previous movies, I'm not so sure where the two will go from where it ended; the lady character seemed to have some deep issues with their union. Anyway, it's all good in Eric and my hood; I'm just on an adultery in fiction kick, not interested in the actual thing. That said, I told Eric we should go back to our initial tradition that never became a thing of buying each other gifts for anniversary that are tied in to both the modern and traditional theme gifts, but 7 years is wool/copper and desk sets. If someone got me wool and a desk set for our anniversary, I would totally have a 7-year itch. A desk set? Really? And wool? C'mon! So we'll be doing gifts Ange-style instead, which is obviously going to be much better. =)

So yeah, I wanted to write about the movie because I wrote about the previous one or two back in the day, but I got nothing. It was good, but probably not as enjoyable as the first two. The part that most stuck out for me, and I feel like maybe it's a story I've heard before, is when this Greek woman at dinner describes the difference between the masculine and the feminine by telling a story from her mother who is a nurse who deals with patients just coming out of a coma. And her mom says that the first thing every female does upon coming out of a coma is ask about her family whereas the first thing a man does is look down at his penis to make sure it's ok. Priorities. I probably enjoyed it more in the film because I enjoyed the Greek and other European accents.

Since I don't have much to say about the movie, but I actually have time to type...I will write about this past weekend. My parents took the kids so that Eric and I could go to Ludington, but Ludington was pretty well booked by the time we looked into it, so we pretty much had a staycation (to use a these-days word I kind of loathe). We started at Gun Lake Casino where I spent my $10 birthday "gift" from the casino on espresso shots and cookies and then lost $60 to the slot machines quite rapidly while Eric guzzled Guinness at 9:30 am. From there we hit up the Downtown Market, which I've been wanting to visit forever but never seem to make it to. We got vegan pizza at Rocket Pies (yum!), my birthday scoop and another of vegan ice cream at Love's (amaretto cherry for me, blueberry lavender for Eric), and a bag of kettle corn (soooo good!). Then we headed home and rented videos that we haven't been able to get forever due to a dead dvd player, but E got me a blu-ray machine for my birthday, so Trainwreck, Sex Tape, and Before Midnight came home with us. We went to dinner at Soup Spoon Cafe and then came home and drank a delicious sparkling wine from Trader Joe's while watching Trainwreck. Oh yeah, we went to Trader Joe's while in GR as well. And I'm drinking again these days(some); it's nice, and I foresee myself being a regular ol' boozaholic before long (probably not really, as I imagine the fear will always kind of be there). And we played some games, which was also nice. Then Sunday we mowed the lawn (Eric), cleaned the kitchen (me), cleaned our bedroom (me), did laundry (me), and then went out to an early, and incredibly delicious, dinner at San Marcos in Hastings with my parents and the girls. The weekend wasn't long enough, but it was really good. We slept til 10 on Sunday. Bliss! But now back to the grind.
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