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My lap is on fire

It is so hot in here...particularly with this laptop on my I am scoring lead tonight so I will keep this short before returning to my shift (I'm on break, so this post is a legit use of time). So,'s been a few days. Today was somewhat productive. Chloe had soccer this morning. She's been sick all week and was running a low fever this morning, but soccer has been cancelled the last 2 weeks and she wanted to play, so we acetaminophened her and off we went. Her team is sad. Only 5 kids showed up, I think, and of those 5 only 3 or 4 ever wanted to actually play, so even when she was tired and wanted to sit out, Eric encouraged her to play goalie (which she REALLY didn't want to do) so that there wasn't only one kid out there for her team. It was more of the usual kids falling all over and the goalie having to fight with ones who wanted to also grab it with hands. I think she just kind of got a crap team in that her coach doesn't do any drills or any real encouragement to play and several don't show up each week and the ones who do show up don't want to play. The other team wasn't greatly better, but they at least looked organized. Maybe she'll have better luck next season. Eric is thinking of coaching (because he had some good news on the job front recently and thinks he will have more time for that kind of thing).

I mowed the lawn and listened to my throwback jams on my iPod and felt old but happy. Then Eric put air in my bike tires and I rode around the block with the hope of eventually putting a kid seat on to tote someone with me, but alas, we lost some of the parts to the kid seat on our way back from Boston, so...I don't know. Also, my bike apparently no longer really changes gears and probably needs a brake job, but I survived, so it's probably ok. It turns out that riding a bike after several years is indeed just like riding a bike, easy-breezy yo.

I give up on this heat. I just took my pants off. Pantsless shift for the last two hours. It's only weird because I'm in our living room and my parents are visiting. Otherwise, no biggie. I shut the curtains. And my mom is in bed and my dad is watching tv with Eric,'s all good in the hood. Other than the fact that I'm still hot. Literally hot. En fuego. And tired. Hot and tired.
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