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Everybody knows...I'm just barely getting by

Don't know why that particular Dixie Chicks song is in my head, but that's what's there right now. I'm kind of jonesing to go see the Dixie Chicks when they're in Michigan next month, but me and money, man, not easily parted. Soooooo tired today; it was a long one.

Maeve had two doctor appointments today: one for more allergy testing and one because I finally decided something must be up with her having 5+ poops a day (tmi?). So Eric took the day off to go with specifically to the allergy testing, which is nice, but I let him sleep in and Maeve got up way too early...with poop...go figure. Spoiler alert: pediatrician says nothing wrong, just do the probiotic thing. As for the allergy appointment, I have the hardest time with Indian accents, and the allergist has a ridiculously heavy accent (for someone who has been in the US for decades). I also really don't understand why when we go in there at their request/to get results/to have testing done, both the nurses and then the doctor have NO IDEA why we're there to the point that the doctor comes in the room, asks why we're there, then leaves to go read her chart. Eric chastises me for being irritated at that, but I think it's freaking weird. Why wouldn't you read the chart before entering the room? Why appear as though you have no clue? There is so much I dislike about that office. And we have to go back at least two more times: for peanut challenge and cashew challenge. She is definitely allergic to walnuts and pecans, not to almonds and brazil nuts and some other nut (pistachio?). Anyway, stupid appointment in a way, because we pretty much already knew that. So more bloodwork and pokes for not a lot of news. Poor Maeve. Upside of that office was their lending library or whatever it's called. I was just thinking last night how I should read Hillary Clinton's book from a year or so ago so that I can be sure that I like her as much as I think I do, and lo and behold, the book was in the library, so new book for me. Woot!

Speaking of politics, holy crap did facebook blow up political blah blah blah last night with the solidification of Trump as the Republican candidate. Yuck. Both to the candidate and to all the items in my feed. Random political sidenote, I came across the project we did in 8th grade about ourselves, and in it we had to write a where will we be in 20 years paper or something, and I had predicted that Wells would be the first female president in 2010. Ha! I also was going to be in congress, having completed a degree in poli sci at U of M. Then I was to marry and have 2 daughters. Well, got the marriage with daughters right, and I suppose also U of M. However, I HATED the one poli sci course I took.

Chlo got her spring pictures at school today. I hadn't wanted to have her get them taken because I didn't want to be tempted to buy some, so I let her dress herself and put her hair up all messy and told her she didn't have to do it, but she is apparently at a stage where she LOVES having her picture taken (even over going outside to play on the playground), so pictures arrived today and I, as predicted, got suckered into buying one. What a racket. The picture takes all of a minute to take and they prey on parents' adoration of their children to pocket major money. And I fell for it. Ugh.

The animals are still at it in our wall. Every time I hear it, besides cringing, I think of this book I read about some paranoid guy who punched holes through his walls and had all sorts of traps and whatnot because of the sounds that weren't really there. But this is for real; others have heard it. Yet no one else seems as disturbed as I am by it. So gross. Wish it would go away. Eric bought a trap. We are probably just a few steps away from the crazy in that book I read.

Seems like I had more I was going to write about, but I am exhausted with another hour to go before my shift ends. I only had one coffee and it was early this morning, so that's probably why. Word.
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