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I can't keep my hands to myself

So it's time to find out if returning to writing in livejournal is like riding a bike. I feel like I'm bound to be a bit rusty, but having just spent the last several nights reviewing old entries of my own and of friends, I kind of like the idea of documenting my current mindset in an easy format that can be looked back upon years later. Plus, it's not really super live anymore, since no one uses this site my knowledge. Maybe it's time to start a movement to bring back the good ol days with all the moping and heavy drinking and talking about sex as if it was really all we ever thought about (was it really?). Of course livejournal today would be all marriage and children and stories of adulting in general. That's what this is going to be about no doubt. So here goes...what's on my mind this evening...

Boobs! Seriously, boobs are on my mind lately. I am SOOOOOO happy to be done with nursing Maeve and just done in general. My boobs are forevermore my own. I'm so happy to be able to take any drugs I want as needed with no thought to dangers for the babe (goodbye allergies! hello Claritin!) I went through my bra collection last weekend and have to get rid of pretty much everything I currently own, which means bra shopping (which I hate) but also is exciting, because it means my boobs have settled into a happy, more normal, non-freakish size. Yay boobs! Maeve has generally adapted to being off the boob pretty well, though she now likes to stick her hand down my cleavage when I'm holding her like my boobs are a security blanket or something. That girl is going to be interesting when she gets older, mark my words.

I have been working like crazy lately. I do at least one 4 hour shift every night and sometimes work two jobs simultaneously or cram in up to 12 hours of scoring. Money is great, and I love feeling like I have some talent and actually using my mind and actually working and, to be completely honest, I especially love having a break from the responsibility that is the kids. But...even though Eric is awesome at putting the girls to bed and playing with them in the evening hours, the dishes and laundry pile up when I'm not able to do them at night, and it's stressful trying to get dinner on the table before a 5:30 shift. So working kind of sucks. I wish Eric was as awesome at multitasking as I am...or even better at it. Ha!

We have animals living or at least playing inside our walls. Seriously! There is from time to time (at some point each day) scratching like crazy going on inside the wall in various locations of the house, but often concentrated in specific areas. Eric saw a squirrel go into a space in our garage, so we assume it's at least one squirrel but sometimes several. He's not home all day most days, so he is less disturbed by it than I am, but I am really wondering why he's not more inclined to make it go away, whether that be fixing the problem himself or insisting I call someone or calling someone himself. I really hate home ownership a lot of the time. And I often wish I hadn't let Eric convince me that a fixer-upper was the way to go; he is not motivated enough to handle a fixer-upper, and I have never claimed to be skilled with tools.

Oh my, Salted Caramel Cluster cashewmilk ice cream from So Delicious is SO DELICIOUS! Now if only Coldstone would come out with a vegan line of ice cream, my ice cream addiction would be complete.

Ha, my cousin just posted on her Pure Romance page that May is national masturbation month. I'm skeptical of that claim, but that reminds me of the book I'm reading right now. I checked it out from the library, so I assumed it was not particularly smutty, but it's actually really good, like 50 times better than 50 Shades good. I think it's called 30 Days in case someone reads this and is wondering. But then again, I could be completely wrong about the title. My brain doesn't remember/note much lately. I'm all caffeine all the time to function since I've been working all these night shifts and Maeve gets up at 4:30 each morning (no longer nursing didn't change that sadly).

I was thinking I would need to change the title of this journal to Let's Talk about Life or something like that, since I am not much for talking about sex any more than I really ever was back in the day, but here I've gone and written about boobs and a "trashy novel," so maybe the title is still appropriate. Next post can be all about dirty diapers and paying bills, and then I'll re-visit the title change. =)

OK, this is getting longish and I should probably re-focus my attention on scoring. But hey, it pretty much was like riding a bike.
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