Ange (saucy7681) wrote,

classic conversation with Eric Jon

I just had gotten home from getting a haircut.  Eric arrives home from the library. 

Eric: wow, you got a lot cut off.
Me: What do you think?  <ruffling my new short do>
Eric: It's ok.  Not the worst of the series, but not the best.
Me: <crestfallen> really?

Thoughts flash thru my mind at warp speed.  How can it be a series when I only get my hair cut every six months?  Eric hates my hair!  I didn't think this was a bad haircut. Am I going to have to shave my head?  

And then it dawns on me that when he said "series", he wasn't talking about a progressively bad series of haircuts; he was talking about something entirely different--the book he just picked up at the library.   That's how rapidly subjects change in our household.
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