Ange (saucy7681) wrote,

Happy 4th--a day of amusement, mostly at E.Jon's expense

Things that have amused me today:

-Eric's collection of everything he's ever received in writing, ever written, etc.  A packrat husband and a wife who reads anything and everything she gets her hands on is a recipe for all kinds of humor.  Favorite findings included a magnet with a built dude and Eric's picture on his face, a pamphlet entitled, "How to Help Your Kids Say 'No' to Sex," love letters/postcards from multiple girlfriends, and his collection of Magic and Christian music magazines. 

-Sign in Jeri's apartment complex that read, "Pets and fireworks do not mix."

-News brief in the Lansing State Journal (LSJ) titled, "Inmate sues over lack of pornography in jail" about a 21-year-old dude in Macomb County Jail who is suing both Michigan and Gov. Snyder for denying him access to porn.

-Coming across Eric's baby collection while going through his things.  Apparently his mom is also quite the keeper.  Had not seen for real baby pictures of E before, and man, that baby had a full head of hair.  How adorable!  He looked just like a baby version of his current self...go figure.  =)  There was also a picture of him going up the stairs as a child with his pants pulled down just past his cute patoot...a pose I know well.  Some things, apparently, never change.

In other news, cherry wine and chocolate molten cake is a delicious was the Texas Tea concoction I had at Cheddar's earlier this evening.
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